Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[10.09.21] Dongwan’s memolog: IBM vs Mac

New profile pic!!

by IBM I think he’s just referring to PCs in general…

While there are many things that an IBM can do, there are many things that its functions can’t do.
While there are many things that a Mac can’t do, there isn’t anything that its functions can’t do.

MacBook’s touchpad is similar to the iPod’s so work efficiency and speed are increased.
For IBM, it makes me think of the idiotic Internet Explorer and the system that really tests a person’s patience.
Of course you can’t do things like online shopping, online banking and financial transactions on a Mac. It can’t even play the BGM on a Cyworld page.
But for people who mainly work with photos, music, design and documents, and want speed and efficiency, it’s the best personal computer!

While there are many people who have thrown out their IBMs, there are many people who treat Macs preciously
Not just only because they’re pretty.

P.S. In the case of the MacBook, the touchpad is faster than the mouse.
The mouse can’t match the amazing technology of the touchpad.
I think I shouldn’t have bought the mouse. I’ve only used it once after I opened it…-_-
Even with the magic driver it’s difficult to use.-_-;
Don’t buy the mouse. It won’t sell even if you sell it secondhand….ㅜㅠ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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