Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[10.09.20] Dongwan’s memolog: The butterfly effect

Dawn 808 is the BEST hangover cure ever invented – if you ever had too much to drink in Korea, head to any convenience store and grab a can of it. Tastes nasty but it sure works wonders. LOL


An event at the district office was taking place from Saturday morning onwards
So I went back early the day before and got ready for bed,
But the seniors said they were having a drinking session so I thought I’d drop by just to say hello.
But it would have been rude to reject their invitation to drink.
And somehow I had quite a lot to drink…
I sobered up and was heading home when a friend called and said he was nearby.
I thought I’d just drink for an hour and we ended up finishing 5 hours worth of drinks in 1 hour.
Just like that, the moment I reached home I was completely knocked out, and I slept for only about 3 hours before I headed out again.
The smell of alcohol on me was no joke.
To get rid of the smell and the hangover I downed a bottle of Dawn 808 (a brand of Korean hangover tea) with green tea and continued to move the equipment.
There was still some time before the opening ceremony of the event so I was taking a rest
When I suddenly wanted to throw up. I didn’t eat anything but I still threw up in the washroom~
Since the stuff I threw up was only Dawn 808 and water so I didn’t feel sick. Because there weren’t any bits of food. ㅎ
I was taking photos of the event when I turned around to see my photo being put up.
I had an expression that said… ‘What do you think you’re doing now!?’… ㅎㅎㅎ
It was a university taekwondo club, and they were using the ‘Spin Kick’ posterfor their recruitment event.
That… Standing in a ragged taekwondo uniform with an intense scowl…
Now looking like a wreck with an oily face after throwing up.
In case anyone should compare how I used to look and how I look now
I just somehow pulled my cap down low…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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