Saturday, October 06, 2012

Junjin dating SPICA’s Park Joo-hyun? Reps waiting “to check with Junjin himself”

A rep for Junjin
 (presumably from Shinhwa Company) told Sports Seoul in a telephone conversation, “Whether or not they are really dating, we’ll first have to check with Junjin himself. He’s not under any management company for his individual activities right now so we have to speak to him urgently (to clarify matters), but he’s in the midst of filming for Shinhwa Broadcast now so he can’t take calls. We’ve just sent him a text message.”
Earlier this evening, news media IS Plus ran an article reporting that “Junjin and Park Joo-hyun met through a mutual friend and maintained a close senior-junior relationship, but the relationship has developed into a romantic one since the earlier part of this year.”
Junjin’s rep explained, “We have no way of knowing everything about the members’ private lives. Junjin isn’t difficult to get along with or shy around strangers, so they probably are on good terms. But even so, we need to get in touch with him and affirm the facts before we make an official statement.”
Junjin is a member of longest-running idol group Shinhwa, and is receiving much love with his work on variety shows. Park Joo-hyun is a member of girl group SPICA, part of the management company that Lee Hyori belongs to, and the group has received much attention for their vocal talents.
Credits: Sports Seoul + Absolut Shinhwa

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