Saturday, October 06, 2012

Shinhwa’s Eric turns into Cleopatra for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’?

Shinhwa‘s Eric dressed up as a woman for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘.
On the 29th, the Shinhwa members and Super Junior members continued to battle each other. The two groups had a mission to make on the spot choreography to a popular song in India. They were each given 30 minutes to prepare costumes, makeup and choreography.
Super Junior performed first, showing off a high quality choreography that made the Shinhwa members nervous. However, Shinhwa faced them head-on with a comic dance. The Shinhwa members are known for destroying their image, but Super Junior members were still surprised at how far they were willing to go.
The biggest laughter was roused when Eric came out dressed as Cleopatra, with clothes that were too small to fit his muscular body. He was also wearing a long black wig and had on feminine makeup, complete with red lipstick and a drawn-on mole on his cheek.
Watch their performances below, who do you think were the funniest? Which dance did you prefer?
Super Junior
Source: TV Report via Nate

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