Saturday, October 06, 2012

[12.10.03] Dongwan’s photolog: Odaesan hike

Went to Odaesan (Mount Odae).
Is it because it’s my mother’s hometown…
But when I go to Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province), my mind feels really at peace.

A cozy lodge at the foot of Odaesan.
The boiler (furnace/heater) was turned on to such a high temperature that I thought it was a jjimjilbang(Korean sauna)
. Heh.

Spacing out at Jumunjin, where it’s a pity to drop by alone… The monotonous waves.

Sangwonsa (Sangwon Temple) at Odaesan. Great to see it after such a long time.. Looks like it has undergone some large-scale construction works at some point in time.

Joongdae Saja-am (Saja Hermitage), a cool place built on steps.
Gangwon-do, where the stirrings of autumn can be felt.

The camera that I seem to bring around everywhere for no particular purpose.

Biro-bong (Biro Peak) is really steep..

The squirrels aren’t particularly guarded against people.

I enjoyed the trip and I’m back now. Now I’ll have to just work~ ㅎㅎㅎ

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