Saturday, October 06, 2012

Super Junior members choose Dongwan as the Shinhwa member they would like to be reborn as

Super Junior members chose Kim Dongwan as the Shinhwa member that they would want to be reborn as.
On the September 22nd broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ the members of Shinhwa and Super Junior came together to take over the world with a ‘Global Channel – Hallyu War.’
During the show, before the main battle, Super Junior members YesungEunhyukShindong,RyeowookKyuhyun, and Sungmin were asked who they would like to be reborn as out of the Shinhwa members. Kim Dongwan took the top spot.
Sungmin chose Dongwan and said, “He has a great personality and seems to be very understanding.” He then shared that there was a time long time ago when they ran into each other at the practice facility and and Sungmin greeted his senior and surprisingly his senior greeted him warmly.
Eunhyuk also chose Dongwan. He said, “If I was that good looking, I would have used my face more wisely,” and gave such an absurd answer that he brought laughter to the group.
Ryeowook said, “He seems to have a cool personality and a great knack for variety shows.”  Ryeowook shared that when he was younger he enjoyed a television show that Kim Dongwan starred in on MBCcalled, ‘Hooray for Love.’
Kim Dongwan, who received the most votes said, “I am not satisfied with my height,” and shared he would like to be born again as Jun Jin which brought another round of laughter.
Source: TV Report via Nate News

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