Saturday, October 06, 2012

Shinhwa members reveal their daily diet meals

Members of 
Shinhwa have revealed what they’ve been eating to stay in shape.

Pictures of JunjinHyesung, and Eric were posted onto a diet meal delivery service website on September 24. In the photos, each member can be seen holding their own individual packages of veggies and fruits.
Junjin is holding a plate of lettuce, cabbage, grape tomatoes, and an orange slice.
Eric is holding up a packed lunch with an omelette, making fans laugh with his surprised expression.

Hyesung can be seen holding up a nametag with his birth name “Jung Pilgyo” on it, proving that the package was for him.
There have been reports that the members of the Shinhwa have been on a strict diet of chicken breast, broccoli, paprika, mushrooms, etc. to maintain their health.
Hopefully, the diet will keep them running for many more years to come!
Source + Image: Maeil News via Naver

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