Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eric and Yoon JiMin's soul stirring kiss scene to be broadcasted

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Eric and Yoon JiMin's 'soul stirring kiss scene' will soon be broadcasted on SBS's 'Invincible Parachute Agent.'

Just before dawn on the 20th, Eric and Yoo JiMin filmed the scene just after their date where they secretly followed Choi Seon Choi Jung Won and Kang Eun Hyuk (Shin Sung Woo). At the instant where they had to hide themselves in order to not be discovered, they sweetly kissed.

credits : Naver + angelix @


marissa said...

I find this scene weird because Eric is kissing with his eyes open.

Wenyi said...

omg!! >.< soo jealous!! LOL XD she's so lucky..!! hehe

raina said...

same here, find it weird having to kiss someone with eyes open, not unless ......