Saturday, July 28, 2012

[12.07.23] Junjin on the 14-year relationship between Shinhwa and their fans, “It’s like savings and interest”

The 22nd July edition of MBC’s ‘Section TV’ brought viewers on location to Shinhwa’s CF filming for a suit brand. This has garnered much attention as Shinhwa is the first idol group to be endorsing a suit brand.

Shinhwa, who celebrated their 14th anniversary earlier this year, stayed true to their playful and mischievous selves as they demonstrated the charm that is uniquely Shinhwa.
During the interview, Kim Dongwan said that Junjin is the root of Shinhwa’s popularity for the past 14 years, further complimenting his team-mate by saying, “everyone who sees us knows that”,
When asked, “What do the fans mean to Shinhwa”, Andy replied, “If the Shinhwa members are brothers, then the fans are family.” After thinking hard, Junjin answered, much to the amusement of the members, “Savings and interest”. However, Junjin was caught speechless when the members further prodded him to explain exactly who ‘savings’ refers to and who ‘interest’ refers to.
During the same interview, viewers were also treated to a laugh when Kim Dongwan called Shin Hyesung out for his bad drinking habits.
The members were asked about the special skills listed on their profiles during their early days, and when it came to Shin Hyesung, whose special skill was listed as Taekwondo, Kim Dongwan said, “Perhaps because he got hurt somewhere along the line, whenever he drinks he’d do a low line side kick.”
Known for his fair and delicate features, Shin Hyesung was initially dubbed the ‘Little Prince’ when Shinhwa made their debut. Faced with Kim Dongwan’s revelation of his drinking habits, Shin Hyesung gave in to despair and added, “Please add ‘drunkard’ to my current profile.”
As a parting shot, Junjin expressed, “We’d like to remain as idols when the 6 of us are together, please help us (to make that happen).”
Credits: Newsen + TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

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