Monday, July 09, 2012

Eric Wants Shinhwa to Become the ‘Nation’s Idol’

Shinhwa’s leader Eric said he’s aiming to make Shinhwa the ‘Nation’s idol’.
The Shinhwa members appeared at the press roundtable held on July 6 for its Beijing concert to talk about its past, present and future.

They especially opened up on how they felt about their 2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour – The Return, the group’s first tour in five years since its last in 2007.

When asked about plans to go to countries other than Asia, Eric answered, “Shinhwa is an idol that’s never been seen before in K-Pop as it’s continued to stay active without any member replacements for 14 years. It would be great to venture to other areas overseas, but we decided we should put settling down with our Asia fans first as it was our first comeback in four years.”

He added, “Like Cho Yong Pil sunbaenim is called the ‘Nation’s singer’, I believe Shinhwa can aim [for other overseas markets] after it’s gained the title of the ‘Nation’s idol’. Korea and the Asia we’re active in now come first in order. Please show us your support.”

Shinhwa wrapped up its comeback tour with its Beijing concert, and soon plans to start preparing for its 15th anniversary concert and 11th album for 2013.

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company

Translation Credit : Erika Kim  
source: enewsworld

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