Monday, July 09, 2012

Shinhwa are provoking their fans? “We can’t even talk about marriage”

Shinhwa members have caught attention for their cute complaints regarding the topic of marriage.
At the press conference held on 6 July for their Beijing concert, Shinhwa drew laughter for their aegyo-laced complaints about broaching the topic of marriage. “Our fans have already gotten married and have gone on to have children, why do they tell us not to talk about marriage?”
Eric said, “We’re a male group, and many of our female fans have gotten married. The memories are even more precious with more and more of them doing so. During this round of promotions, some fans brought along their children to support us, and at the concert we also saw them with their husbands and children, so we feel really good about that. I think there aren’t any singers in Korea who have encountered this.”
But he went on to grumble adorably, “Our fans have gotten married and have gone on to have children, but they tell us not to talk about marriage. does that even make sense?”
He added, “If Shinhwa didn’t become successful in the industry, the fans who support and love us wouldn’t have confidence, and they’d find it difficult to tell people that they’re Shinhwa fans. So in order to not become has-beens, we pay a lot of attention to current trends. Thankfully this round of activities has been reasonably successful, so we haven’t become singers whom fans can only secretly reminisce about when there’s no one around. I think for us it’s a case where fans hear our music in the record store and they can say ‘that’s the group I like’.”
Credits: JoyNews24 + Absolut Shinhwa

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