Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shinhwa to parody ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ with ‘Shinhwa’s Class’

The men of Shinhwa will be parodying the popular drama series ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ with ‘Shinhwa’s Class’ on July 14th’s episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘.

The Shinhwa members will come out decked in black suits and tried to imitate the look of Jang Dong Gun‘s expensive designer brooch with band-aids and cheap brooches that costs 100 won (0.08 USD). Shinhwa will also be mimicking Jang Dong Gun’s popular speech patterns from ‘Gentlemen’s Class’, which is sure to bring much laughter.

‘Shinhwa’s Class’ will be a battle between the members to determine who can be the finest gentleman and the members will point out the member who is not acting like a gentleman like by saying, “You are not a gentlemen.“ Since Shinhwa knows each other better than anyone else, they will be revealing who among their members is the most and least like a gentleman.

Source & Image: Star Today via Nate

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