Saturday, July 14, 2012

Minwoo’s Facebook update: There’s nothing that can’t be done in this world.

Woke up, did some light stretching and by chance saw Kim Young-chul’s English lecture on TVN’s ‘Star Lecture Show’. The new look of my beloved and close Hyung! I applauded after seeing how my fine Hyung looked. Hyung’s theory that people have to live with a thirst for the work they want to do and their goals.. Something struck me deep inside my heart^^ During this whole time, I’ve always felt troubled in the face of responsibility, to me I only felt weary but Hyung’s lecture turned things around for me and I felt thirst instead of weariness, and I applauded. Life is good when we can learn, and it was a lecture that made me realize what I’ve learnt and what I have to learn. Thank you Hyung~^^ I was moved by Hyung’s hard work and I’m even more surprised by Hyung’s various skills, and though nothing is easy in this world, if we keep thinking about how difficult it is then it will become more difficult. Looking at Hyung who faces difficulties even more confidently, I’m happy that I’m able to gain another kind of confidence. Please face your difficulties more confidently~ There’s nothing that can’t be done in this world. To everyone who thirsts for everything you dream of, fighting!!

credit: Absolut Shinhwa

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