Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[09.11.14] Not ‘An-sobang’ but ‘Single Man’ – Andy’s transformation (1/3)

‘An-sobang’ Andy has declared that he is now a ‘Single Man’. Making a 180-degree turn from his ’sweet guy’ image, though in some ways he may seem like a ‘bad guy’, he is still very attractive.

Forget for a moment about the Andy who captured the ladies’ hearts with his adorable smile and rhythm in ‘Love Song’ and ‘Propose’. Dressed smartly in a sharp suit, shades and a hat, and performing suavely on stage such that it’s not easy to trace any bits of his old image, that’s what we call a transformation.

Andy introduces the concept of his album. “I want to do away with the cuteness of the first album and use the 2nd album to transform my image into a more masculine one. Personally there isn’t any preference, every performance for every album is fun and great.”

Single Andy is not by himself for the performance of ‘Single Man’, Jumper rapper Park Dong Min and newcomer actor Seo Min Woo also provide a solid back up.

About concerns of “What about Shinhwa if there’s this 3-member group?’, Andy explains, ” Everyone has misunderstood this, I haven’t formed a 3-member group. Think of it as the concept of ‘featuring’. The significance behind this is to allow the two of them to accumulate more experience.”

1 year and 10 months ago, Andy’s ‘An-sobang’ image on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ was already a change for the Andy of Shinhwa. Though ‘Single Man’ also shows off the charisma he has as a Shinhwa member, there is still an obvious difference between Shinhwa’s Andy and the solo Andy.

“Shinhwa’s performance and my solo performance are different. In the 6-member Shinhwa, I can’t show my individual self completely. Here it’s a performance with only Andy. This time round, it’s of course my own performance rather than my image in Shinhwa. You can see and feel a distinct difference from the first album. While not intense, I’ll still be working on a public image that isn’t too casual either.”

Rather than to go for a revolutionary change, Andy dreams of changing bit by bit in a larger context. He confidently says, “You will see an Andy who’s different from what he has been all this while.” In the late autumn of 2009 where the floodgates of male solo singers have opened, this is the reason why you should pay attention to Andy.

Andy will kick off his Asia concert tour with a concert in Taiwan on 14th November, subsequently moving on to Japan on 24 December and China on 26 December.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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