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[09.11.22] Andy: Our dream is to have a Shinhwa talkshow

Andy, famous for his heart dance, is back as the charismatic single man. Currently promoting his 2nd album ‘Single Man’, Andy has captured the hearts of his female fans with his new ’sophisticated guy’ image. ‘Single Man’ is an electronica dance track, featuring Jumper rapper Park Dong Min and newcomer actor Seo Min Woo.

Dressed smartly in a suit, Andy fully exudes the air of a charming single man in this interview.

Getting Away From The ‘Maknae’ Image

Andy has always given people the impression of being Shinhwa’s maknae, but he hopes that with this album he will finally be able to take on a more masculine image.

“I was thinking that I wanted to show various aspects, and my image now is just one part of it. When I was working on ‘Single Man’, I really wanted to show off a range of genres and concepts.”

Without realizing it he has already reached 30, the age he has once looked forward to, and it feels like he has already transcended life in the entertainment industry.

“Looking at the reports regarding Jang Dong Gun’s relationship I was thinking that I wanted to let it all out and have a big blow-up once, but will I have that kind of effect? In the past the reporters would be stalking me but these days I can’t even find them if I wanted to. (laughs)”

Having popularized the heart dance from ‘Love Song’ before, Andy said that making this album has been very tiring. Not only did he have to film for the SBS daily drama ‘Two Wives’, he also had to balance his music activities with the drama, and he became so busy that he had no time left at all.

“The album was planned for a summer release, but it had to be delayed due to the drama. Originally the songs were recorded with the intention of being released in the summer, so with the delay recording had to be redone.”

A Shinhwa Talkshow

“The idol singers these days are really so much younger than me, and they remind me of the time when I just debuted. Having to manage a busy schedule and always being on the move to the next venue… Back then even when I met seniors I could only manage to say hello and then leave quickly because there was no time.”

Growing together with the music industry as a pioneer idol, they still enjoy the same things as before.

“We still want to regroup when all of us are done with our military service. There are people who say that we’re old, but it’s still possible if we’re in our early 30s. Hahaha.”

Shinhwa is very precious to Andy. He believes that he is what he is because of Shinhwa, and he makes frequent mention of meeting up with Eric and Kim Dongwan whenever he’s free.

“There’s a dream of ours that we’ve always been talking about, which is to have a talkshow hosted by the 6 of us. We’ve been talking about this from a long time ago, and we’re still talking about it now.”

Personality Changes With Solo Activities

After his debut, Andy has always maintained a gentle and pure image. “Although I tend to be the less talkative type, but that has changed with my solo activities.”

“When I think quietly, people would start worrying about me and ask ‘why are you in a daze’, or ‘is there something wrong’. I’m just always trying to be funny.”

He enjoys indulging a mix of insults and what is commonly known as ‘ahjumma conversation’ with Eric. Eric hyung particularly likes getting insulted. What we say to each other can be really quite a spectacle.”

Although Andy seems like he’s the frivolous sort, but it feels like he’s a very thoughtful person. “I often upload selca pictures and send my regards, for the benefit of the fans, and slowly it became a natural thing to do.”

As a singer, actor or musical actor, each of these possesses a different appeal, and that’s why he says he cannot give up any one of these, and promises to be even more active in each field.

“Due to military service, I have to maximize the remaining time as much as I can, and I’ll work hard to take on more challenges.”

Credits: IS Plus + Absolut Shinhwa

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