Thursday, November 19, 2009

[09.11.18] Live Works notice: Updates on Hyesung

Hi everyone, this is Live Works Company..
For the fans who have always been showering Hyesung with your support and care, here are some updates on Hyesung, who is truly grateful to every fan.

1. About the Japanese album
Originally planned for release in October this year, the 1st Japanese album will now be released at the end of February next year.
Once the exact date and details of the album have been decided, as well as the promotional events and activities, we’ll update everyone via notices on the official website.

2. About the release of new Hyesung contents
Hyesung’s week-long trip to beautiful snowy Hokkaido early this year have been documented in a photo essay/1DVD, which will be released in Korea in November.
We will update everyone of more details about Hyesung’s Hokkaido travel photo essay via the official website.

‘Keep Leaves’ Tour Live Concert which started in May in Seoul this year and went on to Taiwan, China and Japan, is scheduled for release in Korea and Japan in March 2010.
More specific details of the release date and contents when confirmed will be released through the official website.

4. About the revamp of Hyesung’s official Korean and Japanese websites
Hyesung’s official Korean and Japanese websites is expected to undergo a restructure.
In order for us to provide everyone with news and updates of Hyesung – who will be officially starting his activities in Japan early next year – in a faster and more efficient manner, we have decided to reorganize the sites. We seek your support and hope you will look forward to the new sites.

Hyesung is currently in Japan, preparing for his first Japanese album to be released next year.

To keep his promise to the fans and everyone’s faith in him, Hyesung is putting in his best efforts at every moment and working steadily in his preparations.

In the coming future, Hyesung will show his sincerity by making good music and letting you see the best of him.

Thank you everyone for always loving and cheering Hyesung on.

Credits: Live Works + Absolut Shinhwa

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