Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[09.11.16] Andy: It’s satisfying to see idols having more freedom these days (3/3)

Now back with his 2nd album, singer Andy no longer feels strange about being called a ’solo singer’ instead of a ‘Shinhwa member’. Being part of the first-generation idols, I ask him what he thinks about his juniors.

Though he’s been in the industry for 11 years as part of the most long-lived idol group Shinhwa, Andy is still a little shy as he sends his message to the juniors. “I’m proud of them. Of course it’s really tough in the beginning. If the top asks you to do something, you’ll have to do it even when you don’t understand why. No matter what it seems that you’ll have to do a lot of activities as well.”

“But these days the newcomers seem to have more freedom than we did before. It’s satisfying to see this. Though it took us a long time, but no matter what for them the time is cut short by showing off their other skills through the various channels available these days. It’ll be good as along as they can stay the way they are as boy groups now and not split up.”

Will Andy comment about the controversial remark incident, the plagiarism incident, the drinking incident and other controversies that plagued the idol groups in September? Andy calmly expresses, “Although as a senior I want to console them and it’s heartbreaking to see them being so miserable, I also hope that they will not forget the lessons learned, continue to work hard and not do anything that will upset the fans again.”

He is unexpectedly positive about the breakup of the original idol groups such as H.O.T and Sechskies. “Though everyone says ‘H.O.T and Sechskies were really great’, but the way we see it, though the groups have disbanded the members have all individually maintained their own appeal and continue to stay active in the industry. That’s a form of motivation for us too. It’s looking really good. It’ll be great if they carry on without losing track of that.”

“Although there should always be laughter, there are sad moments too. It’ll be great if everyone can maintain a positive outlook and carry on. Of course this is also a big assignment for me, but it’s something I must tell the juniors too. I hope they can remember it, even if bad things happen, you mustn’t forget to smile, and you must carry on. Isn’t this the kind of artist who lives on the love of the fans?

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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