Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas poster giveaway for Hyesung fans (and fans-to-be) in Singapore!

note from Su-mi:

OK – I think we’ve got some great suggestions on how to get Hyesung’s (and the other members’) names and music out there etc…

But for this particular project, Nicole (iluvhyesung) – in her final year at school – is handling this birthday project all by herself for the Singapore region whereas in other regions they have fanclubs to manage this… so I guess it’s pretty obvious that it isn’t as easy as it seems. So props to Nicole for this!

Having said that, I believe such projects don’t have to be limited to their birthdays and festive holidays. So while I won’t be able to spearhead any of such projects myself due to time and resource constraints, if anyone is keen to organize any Shinhwa-related project I’d be glad to post an entry about it to help promote the project. All you have to do is to send me the details of your project at .

In any case, just an update on the number of posters, we’re down to 14 copies of the “Vol.3 Side 2 Keep Leaves” poster, so please contact Nicole asap if you’re still interested in getting a copy of the poster.
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One of Hyesung’s Korean fansites, ForeverHS ( has organised a “Hyesung’s Birthday Project” to spread Hyesung’s music around the world and rather than collecting money or presents for Hyesung, ForeverHS thought that one of the best ways to help Hyesung would be to organize an event that will help to spread his music to more places.

Thus, ForeverHS has collected donations of Hyesung’s CDs and posters from Hyesung from Hyesung’s fans and packed them in packages to send to fanclubs in Philippines, China, Taiwan, Singapore etc.

The rep for Singapore is Nicole (better known as iluvhyesung to most of you ) and she has received a package that includes Hyesung’s CD albums and posters donated from the Korean fans at ForeverHS but as the CDs are going out at the speed of a comet, right now only the POSTERS are up for grabs now:

Hence, if you live in SINGAPORE and are interested in the following…

-14 copies of the “Vol.3 Side 2 Keep Leaves” poster
-1 copy of the “Vol.2 The Beginning, New Days” concert poster

…please email Nicole at as soon as possible…

I believe the posters are also flying off very quickly so do be fast!

Source: Su-mi@absolutshinhwa

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