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[10.10.11] Sung Shi Kyung, “Junjin shot me a hideous glare during our drinking session”

Transcript and note from Sumi:

No subs for the vid, but here’s the rough gist of it:

The MCs ask Sung Shi Kyung (SSK) about this rumor they heard from Psy about SSK being able to drink up to 11 bottles of soju, and Yoon Jong Shin says that rumour has it that Junjin’s limit is 10 bottles, and SSK acknowledges that JJ can perhaps drink even more than that, and that he has this uncontrollable desire to win. The caption then reads, “Junjin would rather die than admit defeat”. ㅋㅋ

So anyway, SSK goes on to relate the story and re-enacts how JJ was trying to glare at him but he was blinking involuntarily (probably out of fatigue and intoxication). JJ challenged him to one more glass of beer, but SSK had to stop because he couldn’t take it anymore. So there you go, mystery solved:)


Singer Sung Shi Kyung shared an interesting episode that took place during a drinking session with Shinhwa’s Junjin on the 10th October broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Night Star.

Regarding the rumor that he can drink up to 11 bottles of soju, he said, “My maximum capacity isn’t 11 bottles (of soju). I can’t drink that much.”

He went on to share what happened during a drinking session with Junjin in the past, “I drank with Junjin this one time and by 6am the next morning we still hadn’t ended. But at that time Junjin shot me a really hideous glare.”

“We couldn’t quite take it anymore but at that time, Junjin said he wanted to have one more mug of beer.”

(irrelevant info omitted)

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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