Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[10.10.25] Liveworks notice: 2010 Shin Hyesung Project 2nd notice

Hello, this is Lee Jang Eon, CEO of Liveworks Company.
It has been a long time since I last greeted everyone.
Through this notice I will be updating everyone with the most anticipated news about Shin Hyesung’s new album
And also about the upcoming projects.

1. 4th Album
The new album scheduled for release at the end of October that we had informed everyone about in our earlier notice in summer
Has been delayed for release, in order to produce a better album and and to plan for a more effective promotion.
We apologize for this and hope for everyone’s understanding.
The new album is now scheduled for release around January 2011, and we are now working hard to prepare and produce an album that will be the first to grab attention in 2011.
We will definitely repay everyone for their patience with a good album.

2. Release of a new single in November
Although the album has been delayed
Shin Hyesung will be releasing a new digital single in mid-November.
It’s a medium tempo ballad that matches the winter season, on which Shin Hyesung is collaborating perfectly with a famous artist.
More details about the track and the artist will be released via an official notice before mid-November.

3. Concert
The dates for Shin Hyesung’s December concert has been confirmed.
The concert will be held on 2 days on 4th and 5th December at AX-KOREA in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul,
And it will be a concert, more so than the others so far, where there will be more musical interaction with everyone.
The venue for the December concert is exactly where he held his first solo fanmeeting.
AX-KOREA is basically a venue for standing concerts, but the arrangement for this concert has been decided to be fully-seating,
And there will be about 1,200 tickets available for presales for each show.
With an acoustic band and a string quartet, Shin Hyesung will be bringing you his own brand of pop that’s suitable for the winter season
Including the new single that will be released in November and his other hits.
This concept is like a preview of the theater concerts that Shin Hyesung will definitely be challenging next year.
And it’s also the beginning of the promotions for his new album which will be released in January next year.
Every Christmas and year-end, it’s not an exaggeration to say that almost all of our country’s artists are all holding concerts.
Given that there are so many concerts vying for attention, there are naturally more difficulties in carrying out an effective promotion campaign.
Thus we decided on an early December concert in order to receive more effective attention from various media outlets.
We will work hard for the new single in November and the December concert, and for the music video and other promotion mechanisms for the new album in January 2011.
It’s been a long time since he has met everyone through a concert, we hope everyone will give your fullest support and participation.
We will inform everyone of more details about the presale of the concert tickets via our official website.

4. Japan
27 November…
There will be a dinner show in Tokyo for Japanese fans.
There are many such dinner shows in our country held on festive days and during the end of the year,
But in the case of Japan, dinner shows with meals and performances by artists are only becoming common now.
This dinner show will feature great food and a heartwarming performance, and it will be held together with a special event on a day special to Shin Hyesung and everyone too.
We will also release more details about this dinner show in an official notice soon.
Shin Hyesung is also scheduled to release a new single album in Japan in the first half of next year.
For the Japanese album released in February this year, due to various reasons promotions were not able to be done in a more effective manner.
For the Japanese single next year, Shin Hyesung will be delivering more effective promotions with a top Japanese label.
More news about the single and the Japanese label will also be released via the official website.

The above has been an update on the confirmed and work-in-progress projects.
It has been reported that winter will be here after today.
Since this morning the air has already become different.
Do remember to put on more clothes, and hope everyone has made preparations for winter.
Take care not to catch a cold.
Although this winter will be very cold but we will try our best to bring warmth to your hearts.
Thank you.

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

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