Saturday, October 23, 2010

[10.10.22] U-Know Yunho, Kim Kang Woo, Eric “confirmed for Poseidon”

Korea’s first drama about the Korean Coast Guard, ‘Poseidon’, has confirmed U-Know Yunho, Kim Kang Woo and Eric as its main leads.

On 20 Oct, news about ‘Poseidon’ was released via a post under the ‘Photo Essay’ section on the official Coast Guard website. It “shows the actors cast in the drama ‘Poseidon’ in the midst of training. The actors are now in Incheon receiving training and are doing trial filming around the Silmido area.”

The ‘Poseidon’ cast was selected from a list of actors including Kang Ji Hwan, Jang Hyuk, U-Know Yunho and Hero Jaejoong. ‘Poseidon’ will begin filming officially from 3 November onwards. The director of the drama is Yoo Chul Yong of “All In” and the writer is Jo Kyu Won of “Iris”.

A staff member from H2O, the production company behind the drama, said, “This drama is produced with the full assistance from the Korean Coast Guard, and the writers have spent months on research to come up with the script, which is in turn based on the special duties of the Coast Guard. Using the strong bonds of humanity as a basis, and through the challenges faced by the protagonists and their spirit of self-sacrifice, the drama movingly shows the significance of life and the stories of how people overcome obstacles in life.”

Credits: IS Plus + Absolut Shinhwa

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