Sunday, October 31, 2010

[ERIC'S BACK!] Eric, “I have to annoy the other members now that I’m discharged” (consolidated news)

Eric, “I have to annoy the other members now that I’m discharged”

Singer/actor Eric, who was discharged from military service on 30 Oct, said at a press conference at the Sports Complex subway station, “I’m happy because I can annoy the other members who are still serving their military duties.” (SO SO TYPICAL OF HIM! LOL)

“2 years ago I was the first among the members to enlist, and they were having so much fun annoying me. Now that I’m the first to complete my military service, I can annoy them now and I’m really happy.”

“Especially Andy who has the most work, and Minwoo who has the longest time left, I must make fun of them as much as possible. We’ve been in touch with one another all this time during my service, so I don’t really think we need to meet up specially.”

“I’m grateful to all the fans who have been consistently supporting me since I enlisted 2 years ago, and I will work even harder in future.”

More than 400 fans from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada and other countries around the world were present to welcome Eric back from military service.

Eric enlisted in October 2008 and was subsequently assigned to Seoul Metro to serve as a public service officer, taking care of CCTV monitoring, crowd control and other duties.

He has also decided on the Korean coast guard drama “Poseidon” as his comeback project, and will play the role of “Seon Woo” in the drama. He will start filming early next month, and also has plans to make his comeback to the music scene.


Eric makes his return to acting with a charismatic and masculine role in “Poseidon”

Singer/actor Eric, freshly discharged from his duties as a public service officer with Seoul Metro, has announced his comeback drama project.

“I will be participating in the drama ‘Poseidon’, and will be starting filming very soon.”

Eric said that the role he really wanted to play was that of Jang Hyuk’s role in Chuno. He said, “Although this is not a sageuk (historical drama), but I will bring out the masculine nature of the role in ‘Poseidon’ just like Jang Hyuk’s character in ‘Chuno’.”

“Poseidon” is a drama that revolves around the lives of members of the Korean Coast Guard.

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Eric: John Park and Heo Gak are juniors who have left deep impressions on me

Shinhwa leader Eric said that John Park and Heo Gak from Mnet’s Superstar K2 are the juniors who have left deep impressions on him.

Making his entrance to the press conference held on 30 Oct at Sports Complex subway station, Eric was dressed smartly in a beanie, a leather jacket and denim jeans, and was welcomed by more than 400 fans from around the world who held up banners that said “Oppa is back”.

When asked about which juniors have left deep impressions on him, Eric replied “Of course John Park and Heo Gak who are hot topics of discussion these days.”

“They already are very skilled singers to being with, but I really liked that despite the fact that they were rivals, they walked hand-in-hand until the end, which is very heartwarming.”

In a video message to them, Eric said, “I’m deeply impressed. Although you may find the going tough as you work hard in your activities in future, I will support you always.”

When asked about girl groups, Eric said that he liked them all, but added wittily that “Since our company has our own girl group, I don’t really look at the others.”

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Credits: OSEN + SPN + Absolut Shinhwa

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