Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shinhwa’s Eric discharged from the army!

Shinhwa’s Eric (31) was discharged from the army on the morning of October 30th.

Wearing a beanie, jeans, and a leather jacket, he appeared before his 300 fans and received a round of applause for completing his two years of mandatory military service. Placards with ‘Oppa has returned’ were held by fans along with various bouquets and cakes in celebration of his return.

Eric stated to fans and reporters, “For now, I feel very lighthearted. When I was in service, my fans held back as much as possible. I’m very thankful that they’re here for me today.”

When asked which Shinhwa member contacted him the most, Eric replied, “They called me often after work. They were jealous that I was being discharged.” When asked who was the most jealous, he stated, “Andy, who is working the hardest right now, and Minwoo, who went in for service last.

Reporters went on to ask if any juniors had left an impression on him, in which he answered, “I thinkJohn Park and Huh Gak. They both have very good skills, but I especially loved how they warmly embraced each others’ performances all the way to the end despite being rivals.

Eric gave up his American citizenship and was listed to service as an active duty soldier. Unfortunately, after an accident during the filming of MBC’s “Wolf” in 2006, Eric entered public service in October of 2008. With the exception of Shin Hye Sung, all other Shinhwa members are now serving in the army.

Eric will start work on the drama, “Poseidon” soon.

Source + Photos: Star News + AllKpop

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