Thursday, December 03, 2009

[09.12.02] Andy, ‘Fell in love with first sight with a female doctor, only to find out she’s married’

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On the 1st December episode of SBS talkshow ‘Strong Heart’, Andy talked about his love at first sight experience with a female doctor who resembles actress Shim Eun Ha.

“I had a drink with some friends and after that we went to a sauna, but I cut my toe when I slipped and had to go to the ER. A female doctor with looks comparable to celebrities attended to me, and she belongs to my ideal type.”

“And because I was drunk I didn’t even take any anesthetic shot and got my wound stitched up. But it didn’t hurt at all because I was so glad just looking at her face, and I wrote a note on the coffee cup with my contact number and got my friend to pass it to her.”

“A few days later I received a text message from her telling me to return to the hospital for treatment, and I thought I succeeded, so I wanted to take her out for dinner.” But Andy got a shock when he received her reply, “Can I come with my husband? He’s an Andy fan.”

“I had no other option but to say ‘Come along with hyung’.”

Other guests on the episode were Jo Hye Ryung, Hwang Hye Young, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Danny An, Hwang Bo, Alex, Horan, Hong Kyung Min etc.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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