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Shinhwa Changjo : Unity in diversity. 12 years and counting.

This was posted by Nicole (iluvhyesung) to my other blog. This is in preparation for the 12th Anniversary of Shinhwa. I admire her for her passion in doing these projects for the guys. Please contribute if you cam, will do y part this coming days off and will be sending those clips and pics …. i need to dig up my file
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a brief introduction: I made it a point to do a project for every Shinhwa anniversary from the 11th anniversary onwards because we have to prove to that even if Shinhwa’s are on hiatus, they are not forgotten and SHINHWA FANS will ALWAYS be supporting them no matter what.

So… the 11th Anniversary was the first project that Trish (nglkt) and i did.. It was pretty much a success.. but not a huge one though..

So this year, i have discussed with amyliaz from SHCJ.net and…. presenting to you, the 12th Anniversary Project!!! PLEASE JOIN IN!
we hope that we could get the URL to shinhwa or at least one member somehow

Shinhwa Changjo : United in diversities. 12 years and counting.

Please upload Videos to youtube (http://www.youtube.com/group/12thannie), Pictures to imageshack, then post the links in http://shinhwa12th.wordpress.com/

Please also include the Shinhwa12th website in your description box on youtube


Activity ONE

1) We’ll do Shinhwa Song covers, be it singing or just dancing or both.
a. Record a video of you all singing
b. Record a video of you all dancing
c. Record a audio and put it over a Shinhwa MV
d. Remake your own music video
2) Slogan : “Shinhwa Fans’ Magical Talent”
Activity TWO

2) “A day in the life of a Shinhwa fan – ____”
a. To let Shinhwa know more about you.
b. We can show how fans are really from all walks of life!
c. Take Pictures of our piggy bank – Saving for reunion! (Just for laughs)
d. Take Picture of all your orange to say how much you love orange after knowing shinhwa

- It would be good if you could do your story in a video form and upload it to youtube
Activity THREE

3) Thank you project
a. Contribute their life story – how Shinhwa impacted their lives.
b. Not so much in fandom but more of… life.
c. For example, because of Shinhwa (or a member), i have decided to study hard because he……….

- It would be good if you could do your message in a video form and upload it to youtube
Activity FOUR

4) Reunion will be like this!
a. Make a graphics of how we imagine their reunion to be
b. Make a fan-fic of how we imagine their reunion to be
c. Make a fan-video/ tribute (this is quite challenging) of how we imagine their reunion to be

- I would combine all the graphics into videos upload it to youtube
Activity FIVE

5) Shinhwa’s quote
a. Compile our favourite quotes from Shinhwa

Source: Nicole@shinhwa12th

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