Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[09.12.16] Live Works notice: The release of Hyesung’s Japanese album.

Hi everyone, this is Live Works Company.
We’ll now share with all fans more details about the confirmed release of Shin Hyesung’s Japanese album in February next year.

Shin Hyesung’s first Japanese album, which will be distributed via Tokuma Japan, has been confirmed to be released on 24 February.
There will be 11 new songs featured on the album, all in Japanese
And there will also be a photobook featuring 40 pages of new photos.

Moreover, on the day of the album release, Shin Hyesung will also release another ‘Best Of’ compilation album featuring his picks of his best songs from his past albums, which will also be distributed by Tokuma Japan.
The ‘Best Of’ ballad album will feature 17 songs, including the Japanese version of ‘Why Did You Call’, the title track of his Vol. 3 Side 2 ‘Keep Leaves’ album.
There will be yet another 40-pg photobook with different new photos, which will be packaged with this album.

Not long after 24 February, the day when Shin Hyesung’s first Japanese album and ‘Best Of’ ballad album are released
These albums will also be released online and offline in Korea.
More about the first Japanese album and ‘Best Of’ ballad album, and also the release date of the albums in Korea
Will be posted on the official website after we have confirmed all details.

Shin Hyesung will officially kick off promotional activities for his first Japanese album from January 2010 onwards
We hope that all fans will give their support and encouragement.
Shin Hyesung’s brand new challenge will start in 2010.

Thank you.

Credits: Live Works + Absolut Shinhwa

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