Monday, May 11, 2009

[09.05.09] “Injured? No problem!” Junstin Jinberlake’s powerful comeback

Hey Ya!

Like A Fool Performance

Despite suffering a wrist injury and tetanus, singer Junjin made a brilliant comeback to the music scene with his unwavering willpower.

After releasing his mini-album ‘Fascination’ online on 7th May, Junjin made his comeback on 9th May on MBC’s Show! Music Core. There were concerns over his injuries a few days ago, but Junjin has nevertheless stuck to the original schedule.

Dressed in dark blue and wearing a cap, Junjin looked great as he pulled off a cool and masculine dance choreography. He performed 2 songs – ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Like A Fool’.

‘Hey Ya’ was performed against a backdrop decorated with barbed wire, and Son Dambi supported Junjin’s comeback by featuring in the performance. Junjin performed ‘Like A Fool’ holding a standing microphone amidst a great atmosphere.

Source: Mydaily
Trans: midnightgirl13@AbsolutShinhwa

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