Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[09.05.26] Junjin to drop out of events that proceed despite national mourning

Singer Junjin has decided to drop out of all events that carry on despite the news of the death of former President Roh Moo Hyun – at the risk of suffering tangible and intangible losses.

Junjin who kicked off his promotional activities with the dance track “Hey Ya” on 9th May has voluntarily cancelled his promotional schedule out of respect for the former President. For a start, he has informed the event organizer of a Daegu event that he will not be making an appearance.

A spokesperson for Junjin said on 26 May, “We think the time isn’t right to be performing dance tracks. Although missing out on the schedule this week would mean that he’ll only get to perform in the country only in a month’s time, this can’t be helped, isn’t it?”

Junjin will be embarking on his Asia tour from the end of this month onwards, and will not be performing on any Korean music programs for a whole month. He’ll only be seen every weekend on MBC’s Infinite Challenge.

The spokesperson added, “This week, before the Asia tour starts, should have been the time when he’s promoting “Hey Ya” most actively, but as everyone, including ourselves, is having a hard time now, so we’d rather suffer any losses that come along with the cancellation of the schedule.”

Apparently, other singers who are also promoting dance tracks such as Chae Yeon and Lee Jung Hyun, have also cut back significantly on their schedules, choosing to restart activities next week.

Credits: Asia Economy + Absolut Shinhwa

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