Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[09.05.12] The motivation for Junjin to carry on despite injuries – Shinhwa fans?



Shinhwa fans have shown a great deal of support and understanding for Junjin’s latest mini-album ‘Fascination’.

Junjin made his comeback on 9th May via MBC’s Show! Music Core, performing his new songs ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Like A Fool’, exuding his unique charisma and charm as he announces his comeback to the music scene.

Prior to his comeback, Junjin had injured his wrist and toe in an injury crisis, but he chose to press on, “I’ll stand on stage no matter what.” This is his message for the fans who have given him cheered him on and given him unwavering support all the way since his Shinhwa days

The hearts of the fans of this pioneer idol group who debuted in the late 90s haven’t changed within these 10 years, and their passion remains strong. The group has had the same members all along, and the fact that their solo and group activities proceed smoothly simultaneously makes Shinhwa even more special.

The fans have been continuously giving support to the Shinhwa members during their solo activities as well, at every member’s comeback stage and album activities; and during group activities, the fans give their support too, demonstrating their powerful influence.

Junjin who has decided to go on with his scheduled activities said, “I’m preparing hard for the fans who are always there to give me their support.”

Source: Newsen+Six Senses
Trans: midnightgirl13@AbsolutShinhhwa

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