Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[09.05.26] Viewers reserve their judgement of Andy’s 1st drama appearance in 4 years

Fans are distressed that Andy’s first appearance in a drama after 4 years hasn’t received passing marks from viewers.

On the 16th episode of SBS daily drama ‘Two Wives’, aired on 25th May, Yoon Nam Joon (played by Andy) – younger brother of Yoon Young Hee (played by Kim Ji Young) – returns on a boat from China.

Walking to his parents’ home, Nam Joon is too ashamed to step inside the house and looks at his parents from the outside, who are making flower cakes. His mother says wistfully to his father, “Winter has passed and spring is here, I thought our Nam Joon would be back… Our Nam Joon really likes flower cakes. Don’t lock the door, Nam Joon will be back anytime now.”

Nam Joon then says quietly, “Omma (mother), Aboji (father), I’m sorry. I’ll come back to you looking proper in a while’s time.” After that he went to the auto repair center to look for a friend who had cheated him before. Grabbing the guy by his collar, he said, “You have no one else to cheat so you stabbed your friend in the back?”, and soon disappeared in a red sports car parked at the repair center.

Andy had previously played Kim Min Joon’s brother in 2005’s ‘Lovers In Prague’, and this is his first TV drama appearance after 4 years. Although at the press conference Andy had said that he would do his best to completely transform into the character of Yoon Nam Joon, his performance still comes across as a little awkward. He has received criticism similar to that of Son Tae Young’s initial performance in the drama.

Comments from viewers included: “Andy-sshi, I had high expectations of you but this isn’t what I expected”; “Maybe because it’s still your first time. Hope you will get into character as time passes.”

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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