Thursday, May 14, 2009

[09.05.13] Chae Yeon wants a duet with Eric

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Having debuted as a solo singer, Chae Yeon has been used to taking to the stage alone, but is there any male singer that she wishes to do a duet with? “Doing a duet seems like a really attractive idea. A duet with Kim Gun Mo oppa is my greatest wish.”

“Although I would like to try a duet with Gun Mo oppa, I’m not at that level yet. Ah, when Eric-sshi is discharged from the army, if he can rap for my song it would be pretty good too. In this case it will be song about falling in love. With Gun Mo oppa it will be a song about a couple who has gotten sick of each other after being together for a long time.” (smiles)

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Source: Newsen
Trans: midnightgirl13@AbsolutShinhwa

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