Friday, May 22, 2009

[09.05.21] Junjin “intends to collapse on stage”

Between breaking rules and self-restraint… “A big kid”
You can see from the dance tracks with intense beats… A style that we see only from ‘Junjin’

Junjin has returned. Junjin has recently released his mini-album titled ‘Fascination’. Through his unique style he completely demonstrates his competitive streak. The song where Junjin has given his most effort is the title track. His performance of “Hey Ya!” gives people the feeling of “knowing how to play on stage”. Recently when we met Junjin in the waiting room for a music program, he was unable to contain his excitement about his new stage performance.

“When I released “Wa” I considered whether it would be popular with the masses. This time round it’s done in the style of what I want to show. Restraint can be sexy too. Not only do I want to show powerful stages, I’m trying to show everyone that there are dances that slowly captivate you.”

To Junjin, this album is very special. Since he appeared in “Infinite Challenge” and “We Got Married”, his popularity has soared. That’s why he has to let everyone see that the Junjin in variety shows is different from the Junjin on stage.

After meeting songwriter Kim Tae Hyun, who also penned Ivy’s “Sonata of Temptation”, “Hey Ya!” with its strong beats was born. And with the increasingly popular Son Dambi featuring on the song, it became even more of a hot topic.

Everything seems perfect. The only problem would be his health condition. Junjin recently injured his wrist and even his toe due to tetanus. Even in the waiting room this day, he continued to receive massage to ease the pain. Even so, when he went on stage, he turned into the “Dancing Machine” again. Putting the pain behind him, he is now preparing to meet the overseas fans. At the end of this month he will embark on an Asia tour that will take him to Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“I’m preparing very hard for the performances. Pain is secondary. Even if all the people around me try to persuade me until their throats go dry, even if I collapse I intend to collapse on stage. (smiles) This is how I am, isn’t it.”

Credits: Sports Hankook + Absolut Shinhwa

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