Saturday, November 13, 2010

[10.11.10] Open World: It’s not true that Junjin and Chae Min Seo are dating

Open World Entertainment, who manages singer Junjin, has issued an official press release on the afternoon of 10th Nov, denying that Junjin and actress Chae Min Seo are in a romantic relationship.

Open World’s official statement says, “After checking with Junjin himself, we have confirmed that they are not in a romantic relationship.” A rep added, “They only met up for meals on a couple of occasions, and they share nothing more than a senior-junior relationship.”

Open World’s official statement is as follows:

“Checks have been made not just with Junjin, but also with Chae Min Seo’s management agency, and both parties have strongly denied that they are in a romantic relationship. They met up for meals together with mutual friends on several occasions and are not dating each other. Junjin is now serving his military duties, while the CEO of Open World Entertainment is away in Japan on a business trip, thus the verification process took some time. If it’s true that he is indeed dating, he will openly admit it. However Junjin himself has denied this, and we will respect his wishes and trust him. Recently some celebrities have been engaging in ‘noise marketing’ (note: generating scandals/untruths to create buzz), but we will take a cautious stance as to whether that’s the case here. Thus the management company will not silently tolerate any incidents that have been caused by anyone’s indiscretion.”

Credits: Asiaeconomy + Absolut Shinhwa

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