Thursday, November 18, 2010

[10.11.18] Liveworks Twitter updates regarding “Hello and Goodbye”

17 Nov
“Hello and Goodbye”, scheduled for release on 19 Nov, will only be available online. It will be unveiled after midnight on 19 Nov~ Please stay tuned for updates~
(We’re about 11 hours away from the release of the single!! WOOO~~~~~)

18 Nov
[Shin Hyesung "Hello and Goodbye" MV] will be released via the official Korean website on 19 Nov 2010!
*The MV for Shin Hyesung’s digital single “Hello and Goodbye” will feature scenes from the movie “Let Me In“, which will open in cinemas on 18 Nov
* “Let Me In”, directed by Matt Reeves, is a film adaptation of the bestselling novel “Let the Right One In”, and tells the sad yet cruel tale of the romance between a 12-year-old child vampire and the two men who love her.
This love that can’t be, together with the sad lyrics and Shin Hyesung’s melancholic voice, are captured together perfectly in this music video with scenes from the film, creating a music video that is reminiscent of the film~! Please show your support.

Credits: @liveworkscp + Absolut Shinhwa

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