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[10.11.22] Bugs interview with Hyesung & Eric (Part 2 of 2)


Q. When news broke out that both of you were releasing a song together, it reminded me of the time when you said on a variety show that both of you had a very awkward relationship. Did you become closer after that? And can you name two members that you feel awkward with now?

Hyesung: Well, now we are all just like brothers, and there’s no awkwardness at all. Rather, as time passes by our friendship just becomes stronger. I try my best to keep in touch with the members who are serving their military duties when time allows.

Q. I heard that tickets to Hyesung’s concert in December sold out within 10 minutes of the opening of ticket sales. How do you feel about that? Please share with us a little of what we can expect at the concert.

Hyesung: First of all I’d like to express my gratitude to all the fans. The concert will be held at a very meaningful venue as that’s where I held my first fanmeeting. The concert is titled “Close To You” because I’d like to have a closer interaction with the fans. Also I’ll be putting a new twist on some classics, along with an acoustic band and strings, and pop songs that are appropriate for the winter season. Please look forward to it.

Q. Eric has already been confirmed for a role in the drama ‘Poseidon’, which also features an impressive cast of Kim Kang Woo, U-Know Yunho, Kim Ok Bin and Kim Ga Young. This is your first project after you’ve completed your military service, and the drama is already very highly anticipated even before the start of filming. Does that make you feel burdened?

Eric: Of course I feel burdened to some extent, but I feel just as much excitement and anticipation. That’s because for the past two years, my ambition and passion towards dramas have grown, and so for this drama I’m returning with the mindset of a newcomer and putting in my best efforts. That’s why I’m working even harder on filming and I hope to have good results. I hope everyone will like it.

Q. It has already been 12 years since Shinhwa made their debut. Compared to 10 years ago, what has changed and what hasn’t?

Hyesung: Firstly we’re all older. (laughs) Speaking of what’s different, we’re more composed when dealing with things, and that the members are all working hard with their individual activities in various fields, be it with their solo albums or acting. But what ‘Shinhwa’ means to us has never changed. It’s hard to say exactly when but the 6 of us will definitely stand on stage as ‘Shinhwa’ again.

Q. Shinhwa is still the legend amongst the idols, isn’t it. Since then, many idol groups have made their debuts. Tell us which male idol groups remind you of Shinhwa back then, or if there are any girl groups that just capture your attention.

Hyesung: It won’t be an overexaggeration to say that it’s the age of idols these days. Though there are many cool and good teams among these newcomers, but in my opinion groups like 2PM and Beast with their performance-oriented and restrained dance choreography, and working relentlessly on singing and dance, don’t they remind you of Shinhwa? (laughs) And among the girl groups, SNSD and Kara who are very active in Japan these days and very well-loved. It makes me feel very proud.

Q. Lastly tell us more about your upcoming plans, and what you would like to say to the fans.

Hyesung: I’ll be seeing all of you through my digital single “Hello and Goodbye” and my concert held on 4-5 December, as well as my 4th album which is scheduled for release next year. Please look forward to all this, and I hope for your support. I’m working hard to show you a better and improved side of me for future stage performances, please show your support for “Hello and Goodbye”, thank you.

Eric: I’m very grateful to all the fans who have continued to show me concern and support during my 2-year absence. In the coming future, not just through dramas, I’ll also show the best of me through other projects, I hope everyone will continue to support me. And I also hope everyone will like this digitial single, please take care not to catch a cold, thank you.^^

Credits: Bugs + Absolut Shinhwa

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