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[10.11.25] Melon interview with Shin Hyesung & Eric: Fans’ questions answered (Part 2 of 2)

Q: Eric oppa and Hyesung oppa, lately there have been many idol groups out there lately, are there any groups that have caught your attention, and as seniors, is there anything that you’d like to say to them?
HS: I think the idol groups these days are all very talented. I’m not looking at just any particular group, but I’m paying attention to all of them. In the past usually only one group member received the attention but these days every member of the group has his/her individual personality showcased through dramas and variety shows. Of course they’re all outstanding on stage, but while individual abilities are important, teamwork is the most important thing. If there is any disagreement within the team you have to work hard at talking things out and become a source of strength and motivation for one another. I think that’s the way to keep the team going for a long time.
E: Among the groups that have only made their debuts in recent years, there are some that have progressed very well, but on the other hand there are also some that have come and gone. Don’t get complacent after you have gained a little popularity, you have to continue practising and working hard so that you will continue to be well-loved for a long time, just like Shinhwa ^^ For me I’m not looking at any one group, but all the juniors too. I hope all of them will work hard and continue to receive love and support from the fans.

Q: You’ll be turning 33 next year, when will you be getting married?
HS: I haven’t found anyone suitable yet ^^ I will work hard, someday I’ll meet someone I like. I’ll still put work before marriage matters.
E: I started work on the drama right after I completed my military duties so I don’t have time to date right now. I think I want to focus on work for now.

Q:Among the recent crop of idol groups, which is the most “Shinhwa” of them all? (In my opinion, of course there’s none ㅋㅋ)
HS: Of course there’s no group like Shinhwa ^^ There are times when I think there are some similarities with Shinhwa when I watch their masculine and dynamic performances. But more often than not, I think that we need to work harder ourselves.
E: I want to say that to be like Shinhwa is to be a group that remains well-loved for a long time because of the close-knit teamwork of the members. The juniors are all doing very well, but we’ll have to wait and see which of them will become a group that will continue to receive love from the fans for a long time, just like Shinhwa ^^

Q: “Hello and Goodbye”… To someone like me who’s been a fan for more than 10 years, the title sounds a little unusual. I think you’re saying ‘goodbye’ to the time that has passed, and saying ‘hello’ to recreating another legend. What did you think when you heard the title?
HS: When I first heard the title I thought that the song was about a sad separation. After looking at the lyrics I was even more sure. ‘Annyeong’ can either express excitement or regret. To me, ‘annyeong’ means more of excitement here. It’s the excitement of seeing the fans whom I’ve not met in a long time, and also a greeting to tell everyone that I will work hard to show a better side of myself.
E: Saying ‘hello’ to recreating another legend, that’s a good way of looking at it, isn’t it? I think that this can express how we will recreate the moments when we’re on stage together. I think ‘Hello and Goodbye’ can express a happy ‘hello’ to the fans whom I’ve not met in ages, and also a ‘goodbye’ to my hiatus, to start anew with my activities. To me, it’s a special song with all kinds of meanings.

Q: I’d like to know the songs that you listen to in the cold winter season~ (Of course all of your songs are nice too)
HS: I like to listen to David Foster’s version of ‘White Christmas’, which is probably a song that many people would think of in winter. I think you can better appreciate the charms of winter when you listen to Christmas carols. And of course the best song for this winter would be ‘Hello and Goodbye’ ^^ Do listen to it more.
E: For winter, there’s Shinhwa’s ‘Winter Story’ album isn’t it ^^ ‘Isn’t It Pretty’ is good, and ‘The Snowy Night’, ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ are good to listen to as well. Perhaps because it’s an album released for winter so they are all very good songs to listen to for the winter.

Q: I’m a Japanese fan. All Shinhwa fans think about saying ‘hello’ to the 6 of you on stage in the near future, that’s what we are hoping for, do the two you you have moments where you get excited thinking about something similar?
HS: Occasionally when we see the younger idol groups performing on TV, the members think about this even more. Though we aren’t together right now but we will all want to be on the same stage again. We’ve already been looking forward to it. I hope we can quickly get together again.
E: Of course. Because we always think about going about our group activities under Shinhwa’s name, we always feel a sense of pride. Just like the fans, we are also looking forward to singing on the same stage again.

Q: Because the fans are looking forward to Shinhwa’s comeback more than anything else, is this project a hint of the Shinhwa activities to come?
E: Right now it’s difficult for us to operate under the name of Shinhwa, but if it’s to help out one another, I think we’re willing to do so anytime. Although it’s difficult to say exactly when, someday you will see the members altogether again.

Q: As a singer, (or in Mun Jung Hyuk oppa’s case, as an actor) I’d like to know the goals and dreams that you want to achieve! Not just when the six of you are on stage together, but also when you’re really enjoying your individual activities in other fields, I’d like to know your thoughts on that. ^^
HS: As a singer my goal is to become a singer that everyone will remember. The more I go about my activities, the more I feel the preciousness of the fans and my work. So this upcoming concert is titled ‘Close To You’ because I want to interact even more closely with the fans. To repay the love from the fans, I think I can only work hard at singing my heart out. In future I will give everyone the best of me, with good albums and good performances.
E: Actually when I made my acting debut I was very worried about whether I could do a good job, but with the members by my side supporting me, and the fans watching me, I think I can do well. Also as a Shinhwa member, I have a big significance. While I enjoy acting, I also feel the importance of the members and the fans. Since I’m the leader, right now more than my own goals, I want to continue receiving love and support from everyone for a long time together with the members, as Shinhwa.

Q: Hi, I’m a high school fan ^^ Lately there have been many Shinhwa Changjo’ers in their teens. How do you feel when you see these young fans?
HS: Although we’re not active right now, we’re firstly grateful to the teenage fans for showing us love and listening to our songs. In future we will work harder for your love and support through our albums and other activities. Thank you.
E: I’d think that we need to work even harder. And I’m grateful to the fans who got to know us later than the fans in their 20s and 30s, but yet still show us a lot of love. For the sake of the fans who’ve been with us since our debut and the teenage fans, we will work even harder on our songs and also show the best of ourselves in other fields.

Q: It seems that the Shinhwa members get together regularly, what do you do at these gatherings?
HS: As all the fans would know, our anniversary date is 24 March and that’s when the members all get together to hold a little celebration party. Every year, no matter how busy the members are, they’d still put everything aside and get together. Now that I think about it, I’m suddenly starting to miss seeing their faces.

Q: What gives Shinhwa the strength and motivation to stay together for so long?
HS: I think it’s the love from the fans. Without the fans who have been supporting us for more than 10 years from near and far, there’s no way we could have made it this far. We’re always grateful for that. We will work even harder to get to 20 years, 30 years and beyond.
E: Working hard to talk things through when there are disagreements or fights. I think the reason why we can become such a long-running group is because we keep talking to one another. Understanding one another, encouraging one another, like friends but sometimes we’re even close than real brothers, being a source of support and strength for one another.

Credits: Melon + Absolut Shinhwa


Ashley K. said...

I chuckled when Hyesung said there's no one like Shinhwa.(true)

I love this interview. I love the togetherness of the group. Eric and Hyesung didn't have to reconfirm that they're here to say. Their actions over the years proved that Shinhwa can never be apart. They're family now. Their anniversary celebration every year is proof. They go out of their busy schedules just to see each other. That is friendship and family love right there. I would do the same.

Flor said...

hi Ashley,

thanks for the comment. what you said is true... they don't have to reconfirm anything. them, being together always is enough proof of their friendship and love..