Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[10.11.22] Bugs interview with Hyesung & Eric (Part 1 of 2)

A greeting from the Shinhwa members whom we haven’t met in a long time, “Hello and Goodbye”

Before we knew it, it has already been 12 years since they made their debut, and yet the popularity that this “first generation idol group” proudly possesses is no less than that of 2PM or Super Junior. Literally the legend amongst idols, Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung and Eric have gathered together.

“Hello and Goodbye” is the new song featuring Shin Hyesung’s melancholic vocals and Eric’s smooth rap, coupled with Nam Gyuri’s voice. In conjunction with the release of the new single, Bugs interviewed Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, who is resuming his activities in Korea after a long break; and Eric, who has been discharged from military service a little earlier than fellow Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.


Q. Hello, it’s really great to hear that the two of you are releasing a song together. It has been a long time since Hyesung released a song, and Eric has only been discharged from military service recently. Please tell us more about what you’ve been busy with recently.

Hyesung: Hello to everyone from the Bugs family, I’m Shin Hyesung. It’s been a long time since I last greeted everyone. I’ve been busy with the overseas concerts and Asia fanmeetings, and I’ve also been working on the digital single, so it’s been a busy time for me. I’m also working hard on the December concert and the 4th album due to be released in January next year. I’m really excited to be releasing a new song after such a long time and I hope to have a good time with everyone at the concert.

Eric: Hello, I’m Eric, glad to see you. I’ve just completed my military duties, and after the production of the single is completed, I’ll start filming for the drama “Poseidon” which will be aired early next year. As this project comes two years after my last drama, I’m putting my best efforts into filming. I hope everyone will look forward to it.

Q. Please tell us more about “Hello and Goodbye”. And also, from a personal point of view, which particular parts of the song do you hope people will pay attention to?

Hyesung: “Hello and Goodbye” is written by two of Korea’s best songwriters, composer Kim Geon Woo and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung, and it’s a medium-tempo ballad with sad lyrics. I think it’s a song that’s very suitable for the winter season. Also, the lyrics which uses an ambiguous word like “annyeong” to depict the beginning and the end of love; the harmony of Eric’s rap and Nam Gyuri’s voice with my voice. I hope everyone can listen to the song thoroughly.

Q. It seems like a long time since you last did recording together, even more so for Eric since he hasn’t done recording at all for a long time now. Is there any sense of awkwardness, or any interesting episodes that took place?

Eric: Although I haven’t done recording in a long time, but I’ve been in the business for so long now, and moreover I’m working with Hyesung, whom I’m already comfortable with, so rather than feeling awkward I think we enjoyed doing recording together.

Credits: Bugs + Absolut Shinhwa

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