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[10.11.24] Melon interview with Shin Hyesung and Eric: Fans’ questions answered (Part 1 of 2)

The harmony of a 12-year friendship, an interview with Eric and Shin Hyesung

We met Shin Hyesung who’s releasing a new digital single after a long absence and Eric who participated on the single right after his discharge from military service. Earlier,we took questions through Melon’s me2day account and the flood of questions that came through once again let us feel Shinhwa’s popularity and the undiminished presence of Shinhwa fans. ^^ Let’s listen to what they have to say about their friendship and Shinhwa~

It’s been a long time since we last met, this is Shin Hyesung & Eric.

Q: After more than 10 years now, why did you decide to do a duet? ^^ I’m curious about who’s the one who suggested to work together.
HS: For this digital single, Eric has featured on the track with his rap. It has been a long while since I released an album in Korea, and Eric was also absent from the scene due to his military obligations. It so happened that he was discharged from his duties at about the same time I was planning to release the song, and I thought of giving a good present to the fans so I suggested to work together. Eric readily agreed to support me and that’s how we ended up working on the song together.

Q: I know the two of you seek different styles of music, so what have you been listening to lately? And here’s a question of a higher order, what is ‘music’ and ‘Shinhwa’ to Eric and Shin Hyesung?
HS: Rather than to say we particularly seek different kinds of music, the difference comes about because I’m a vocalist and Eric’s a rapper. Even so I don’t just listen to ballads and without classifying it into genres I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. And ‘Shinhwa’ and ‘music’ are all a part of me. They have an inseparable presence to me.
E: Lately I’ve been listening to songs by the juniors. I’ve also been listening to Shinhwa songs. Even when I listen to them again now I still enjoy it. To me, ‘music’ and ‘Shinhwa’ are things that can’t be expressed through words, and these are the most important things in my life. ^^

Q: Did Eric oppa and Hyesung oppa do their recording together? What did you talk about during the recording session? Did anything interesting happen during the recording session?
HS: Eric took care of the rapping and the writing of the rap lyrics so compared to me I think he had more to say to Kang Eun Kyung who’s the lyricist for this song ^^ We are already very comfortable with each other to begin with, so there wasn’t any special incident and the session just ended on a fun note.
E: Our thoughts are very focused during recording and we tend to want to quickly finish up with the recording. For this session, I’ve know Hyesung’s staff members for a long time and we’re very comfortable with one another, so in between breaks we’d joke around a little, and we ended the recording on a happy note.

Q: Both of you whose relationship has been dubbed ‘oil and water’, what are your thoughts on being called ‘a perfect team’ these days?
HS: We’ve been together for 12 years now, so we’re really like family now. When any of us are tired or have difficulties, we’ve always tried hard to be the first to run over and offer our support and assistance. We’re so close that I won’t be exaggerating to say that we’re real brothers.
E: All of us like to crack jokes so on TV shows we would kid around and talk with the other members. Actually we used to be like that but now by just looking at each other we know what each other is thinking so it looks like you can call us a perfect team.

Q: Both of you are now 32 years old (Korean age) but you still look really young~ (Why do only the fans seem to get older ㅠㅠ) Do you have any tips and secrets to maintaining your youthful appearances?
HS: I don’t have any special regime^^ Maybe it’s because I’m doing what I like, and working hard to face everything positively. I think that’s the secret. Ah and more than anything else, I think it’s all thanks for the love that the fans have given me ^^
E: As I have been a public service officer for the past 2 years, I’ve been leading a more regular lifestyle. My health is also better. Maybe that’s the secret? ^^ Rather than talking about looking young, I think if good health naturally leads to a youthful appearance. Instead of working on looking young, I’ve been working hard on staying healthy.

Credits: Melon + Absolut Shinhwa

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