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[10.01.01] Lee Minwoo suffering from concussion after Christmas Eve traffic accident

The concert can be postponed to another day. You are more important Minwoo, get well soon. Praying for your recovery.....
Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo met with a traffic accident on 24 December and news of his hospitalization have been belatedly released.

According to a rep of Lee Minwoo, he was riding in his personal Audi near Yongpyeong Resort in Gangwon-do on Christmas Eve, when the car slid on the icy road and crashed off the slope. Lee Minwoo sustained injuries to his neck, back and ankle, and is also suffering from a brain concussion. The car has apparently been scrapped after being towed away to the junkyard.

After the accident, Lee Minwoo was admitted into a hospital near Yongpyeong Resort for emergency treatment and was then taken to a hospital in Seoul in the early hours of Christmas Day. Thorough X-ray and CT scans determined that he requires 3 weeks to recover.

Lee Minwoo was fortunate to be sitting in the backseat of the car during the accident and avoided more serious injuries. Lee Minwoo’s friend, who was driving that day, will need 6 weeks to recover from a spinal fracture while his other friends suffered ankle and rib fractures.

According to local authorities who were at the scene, due to heavy snowfall the day before the road had frozen with ice. Just 5m away from the road is a cliff and two cars have fallen off before. The rep said, “In an accident where his imported car was completely wrecked, they are lucky to have survived.”

Lee Minwoo spent the first day of the new year in a hospital in Seoul. One week after the accident, his date of discharge has yet to be confirmed.

His concert scheduled for 16-17 January looks likely to be disrupted. The concert at Ewha Women’s University is supposed to be Lee Minwoo’s final performance before he enlists for military service.

The rep said, “His injuries are serious, and it seems impossible to carry on with the concert. We have yet to decide whether to postpone the concert or to refund the tickets. Right now the priority for him is to receive treatment and stabilize his condition.”

Credits: Joongang News + Absolut Shinhwa

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