Thursday, January 14, 2010

[10.01.13] Dongwan’s memolog: That’s possible.

People who consistently criticize anything that happens are increasing.
So-called critics have somehow gained fame from being called critics.
Rather than a small community where everyone is praised,
The society becomes a clear-headed place where there is only criticism and a pessimistic outlook of the future.

Although anyone who makes an obvious mistake deserves to be criticized,
But when the arrow of such harsh habitual criticism is pointed in your direction
If you can’t pull yourself out of the swamp of cruel self-reproach and despair
The world will be filled with darkness and you won’t be able to find hope even in the size of a chestnut.

Remember “That’s possible.”
Nothing in this world is impossible.
When an irreversible mistake has been committed
To the person itself,
Though at that moment it’s as if darkness descends with no end in sight
After you walk out of the darkness and create other rays of light
Remember that you can create even more precious and beautiful rays of light.

To yourself, you have to often, from the bottom of your heart,
Encourage yourself with “That’s possible.”
As far as you can, minimize the time that you’re mired in the swamp of despair.

Kim Dongwan

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