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What they thought when they first met each other?

old interviews of the guys, just want to share them, I miss them much :(


What they thought when they first met each other?

What they thought of MIN WOO:

DONGWAN: He looked like a teacher
ANDY: He was funny
ERIC: He had a lot of charisma and was good in dancing, singing, and his looks
HYESUNG: He had a lot of talent, dances so well
JUNJIN: He was really reliable, just like a brother

What they thought of DONG WAN:

MINWOO: He was funny
ANDY: He had a lot of talent
ERIC: He acted well, had a great voice, fun to be around
HYESUNG: Very handsome, sung well too
JUNJIN: He was like a father to me

What they thought of JUN JIN:

DONGWAN: He was so cute and was like a little brother
MINWOO: He looked really clean
ANDY: He always made me laugh
ERIC: He was the last one to join, so I was very shocked by how well he danced
HYESUNG: I was worried he was too goodlooking and was too talented

What they thought of ERIC:

DONGWAN: He looked quiet
MINWOO: He looked nice
ANDY: He was like my real brother
HYESUNG: I knew him from America, but he was like a big brother
JUNJIN: He had a lot of cuteness

What they thought of HYE SUNG:

DONGWAN: He looked like he was very neat
MINWOO: He looke really sweet
ANDY: He looked nice and sweet like a brother
ERIC: I saw him first at the 'Vally K Festival' singing contest, and i wanted to be come a singer with him after that
JUNJIN: He was cute like a little brother

What they thought of ANDY:

DONGWAN: He was such a cute lil brother
MINWOO: He was cute
ERIC: I kne whim way before everyone else, so he was like my own brother
HYESUNG: He was so cute
JUNJIN: Cute like a brother

credit: Shinhwa-Sarang & Mcr3ations


- If your student came to you crying that they pooped on their pants than what will you do/say?-

ERIC- WHAT? U pooped! Uuuaccckkk~
DONGWAN- eeeeey..don lie~
MINWOO- don worry! I'll go change you into new clothes.
HYESUNG- I'll go to the bathroom, and start washing them up.

-What would u do if your student said " I want to marry you when I grow up teacher?"-

ERIC- if it a gurl, I'll be nice to her, but if it a guy ill punish him.
DONGWAN- I'll wait.
JIN- I'll just laugh, and take it as a yes.
MINWOO- "SURE? okay?"
HYESUNG- ill feed them with food so that they could grow, but I will feed them w/ food they dislike such as vegetables.

-If you are driving the kindergarten bus, and a kid started crying... -

ERIC- ill give them some dried fruit.
DONGWAN- I'll stop by McDonalds and buy them an ice cream.
JIN- I'll first find out why their crying, and make stop the crying.
MINWOO- I'll turn on some exciting music.. change the music to "TELETUBBY TECHNO".
HYESUNG- I'll try to make them stop crying.
ANDY- I'll first stop the car, and calm them down.

- if you liked one of the gurl teachers that worked at the same skool as you, what would u do for her to like you? -

ERIC- I'll give the kids money, and tell them to go do something for me.
DONGWAN- ill go sneak on her.
JIN- ????
MINWOO- "umm~ do you like to dance?"
HYESUNG- how bout writing her a letter?
ANDY- i'll listen carefully.

- if you were to teach ure kindergarten students bout sex education, than how will u explain? -
ERIC: I'll show them the materials, and ask them a question of what I just explained.
DONGWAN: I'll read them a poem.
JIN: they'll know when they grow older.
MINWOO: I'll teach them with a kyoote expression.
HYESUNG: "hmm~ how can I explain to them?"
ANDY: "as it is".. show them everything with the truth

- One of your kids just went pee on their pants, and now two other kids are fighting and kicking eachother.. -
ERIC: I'll first judge them, and give them a penalty whoever caused the fight.
DONGWAN: I'll teach them TAEKWONDO.
JIN: I'll just leave them alone.
MINWOO: " they shouldn't fight because if they do fight than their bad kids"
HYESUNG: first of all, ill calm them down, but will slightly punish them.
ANDY: I'll stop the fighting and punish them.


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thanks for sharing this. i miss them just as much. it's good to know that fans are still updating about the boys. lets wait for their 15th reunion anniversary!