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[10.01.09] Andy’s tearful farewell fanmeeting (related news)

Shinhwa member Andy, who’s due to enlist for military service on 11th Jan, bid a tearful farewell to his fans at his fanmeeting ‘Andy Farewell Party – Bye For Now’, at Sowol Art Hall held on 9th Jan at 7pm.

At the fanmeeting, Andy performed his latest single ‘Single Man’, and thanked the fans for attending the event. He also mentioned about hearing protests from Korean fans who asked why he didn’t hold a concert in Seoul after his overseas concerts. To this he replied, “As the enlistment date was sooner than I thought, there were too many things to take care of”, and he expressed his regrets at not being able to hold a concert for the fans before enlisting for military service.

“Because I’m about to enlist, I’ve been out drinking with my friends and the members. Right now I’m actually hoping to enlist earlier. Isn’t it better to return earlier?”

Andy also mentioned, “I had a drink with the Shinhwa members recently, and we talked about how we must hold our 15th anniversary concert when we’ve all served our military duties… But everyone is pretty concerned about whether we can still dance”, much to everyone’s amusement.

“Eric hyung said that he recently had a nightmare, where he was in the midst of the concert when he forgot the dance steps and stood on stage in a daze. Then he started to cry.”

Andy also talked about how he hopes to continue hearing the phrase ‘Shy Guy’ being used to describe him. “The term ‘Shy Guy’ has been used since I made my debut, so I’m already used to it.”

For the fanmeeting, fans also prepared a video montage and a heartfelt letter for Andy. In the letter, the fans wrote, “Even if you don’t get to receive many letters during your military service, don’t forget that the fans are waiting for you, and we hope that you will return safely and in good health.”

The letter also wittily expressed the thoughts of the fans. “Even if 2PM rips their shirts, even if Shinee flashes their smiles, we won’t take a single look, we’ll just wait for Andy.”

Andy said, “I really don’t want to cry… ” but being reluctant to leave his fans, his tears started to fall uncontrollably.

“Having fans who are always with me, my family, and the Shinhwa members, I feel that I’m a really lucky person. Although there’s nothing i can say to express what I feel right now, I still want to say ‘thank you, I love you’”.

Credits: TV Daily + Absolut Shinhwa

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