Sunday, January 10, 2010

Across all ages and countries, world-changing historical figures have suffered from a sense of inferiority.
The mother of Jang Yeong Shil, the greatest scientist of the Joseon era, was a gisaeng,
And Yi Sang, the cornerstone of modern Korean poetry, was a tuberculosis patient who coughed out blood as he wrote poems on winter nights.
Napoleon, who conquered the whole of Europe with military power, was of such small stature that he would put a dwarf to shame,
And Stephen Hawking, the cornerstone of modern space physics, suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I should stop here.
I don’t have enough time or energy to list out all the people who have used their inferiority complex as a springboard to success.
If you look at these successful people and think that they were tormented by an extreme sense of inferiority, you’re not wrong.
Now let’s come to a conclusion.
If you’re now suffering from a serious inferiority complex, I’d rather applaud.
Because you’re blessed and you’ve been chosen, there is no reason why in the world you should receive any consolation from anyone.
Do everything in your power to strive solely for success.
But first get rid of the petty person in your heart who’s looking forward to success for your own advancement in life.
Success that cannot guarantee the happiness of others, is by no means true success.
And keep this in mind.
No matter how severe a person’s inferiority complex is, hold on to at least one strong point
And find a way to develop this strong point as far as possible.
Fighting to eliminate ten thousand kinds of inferiority complexes, the likelihood of losing every battle is high,
Fighting to eliminate one kind of inferiority complex, the likelihood of winning every battle is high.

The moment you turn one inferiority complex into a superiority complex
Surprisingly, the ten thousand kinds of inferiority complexes that you’ve been holding on to until this moment, completely disappear.
Lee Oi Soo’s Revival Method, in ‘Invincible Youth’

Since I directly moved the contents of the book here
I won’t post more than two essays~

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