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[10.01.08] Dongwan’s memolog: Oh you, don’t worry about being not good-looking.

i love this passage. thanks Su-mi for translating and Kamsa hamneeda Dongwan-shi for quoting this. You made me feel so beautiful
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Oh you.
Don’t worry about not being good-looking.
There’s a saying that goes, beauty is only skin deep.
If possible, I want to ride in a lightweight airplane made of flyers and fly around everywhere in the world to spread this saying.
But no matter how you think about it, women who aren’t charming have more to be bothered about than women who aren’t good-looking.
Generating charm is in your personality,
And personality is not about your outward appearance, but your inner nature.

A woman with no charm is like a flower with no fragrance.

Bees and butterflies fly from flower to flower not because of their color, but their fragrance
No matter how brightly-colored plastic flowers are, no bees and no butterflies will fly towards it.
If no bees and butterflies are going to fly towards you, what’s the point of lifting your nose,
And what’s the use of shaving your jawbone.
Oh you. Don’t get bound by the lowbrow aesthetic standards of the secular world.
Beauty that’s produced from merely frequent visits to the plastic surgeon to cut up your face
How can it be comparable to beauty that emerges from the blossom of lotus flowers in your heart.
Even for people who are born lacking in appearance, if they focus on cultivating inner beauty
Their inner beauty will radiate from within to create a special aura around them. That is charm.
When you are equipped with an exceptional charm,
Then you’ll have all kinds of bees and butterflies flying towards you in swarms.
If anyone asks you for your secret with envy in their eyes, don’t say anything and just use your fingers to make a pistol to go ‘bang’,
And fire a talking point at the head of the person who’s asking.

Lee Oi Soo’s Revival Method, in ‘Invincible Youth’

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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