Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jung Ga Eun’s selca pic with Eric…

I won’t translate the articles about model/TV personality Jung Ga Eun (she’s part of the original Infinity Girls and you often see her on variety shows like Star King and Star Golden Bell), but in summary she posted selca photos she took with top stars like Jang Dong Gun, Lee Na Young and Eric, among others, when she shot CFs with them.

Along with Eric’s photo, she wrote a little comment that reads:

It’s from a really long time ago. I went to Prague to film the CD, but it didn’t make the cut… Very sad. But I’ll start all over again. Looking at this photo really brings back vivid memories, Eric is getting better and better. Cool cool!

If you recall, Eric shot a CF for Anycall where he dances to “Singin’ In The Rain” (sung by Minwoo ) and Lee Hyori was featured in it too:

Jung Ga Eun was on Sang Sang Plus recently and shared this story – she actually finished shooting the CF with Eric, but Anycall decided that they wanted Lee Hyori instead of an unknown face for the CF instead, which meant that all of Jung Ga Eun’s scenes were cut out… Which also explains why you don’t see her in the CF…

Poor girl. But she did get herself a photo with Eric, so I guess that’s making the best out of a really bad situation? :/ I mean, I personally wouldn’t mind getting flown to Prague (with Eric, no less!) and then getting to film a CF (though she was completely edited out) and then a selca pic with Eric! I’d sell my organs just to sit beside him… *sigh*

But she did make another video with Eric, and this time, though we don’t get to see her face much, her scenes didn’t end up on the floor of the editing room.

Vid credits: na13t@YT

Yep, she’s the girl wearing the red dress…

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