Sunday, January 03, 2010

[10.01.02] Interpark Ticket notice: Cancellation of M’s Suite Room concert

Even if the concert gets cancelled, i think what is more important is for Minwoo to get well soon. Minwoo please be well soon.

Hi everyone, this is Interpark Ticket. The cancellation notice for M Lee Minwoo’s concert ‘M’s Suite Room’ is as follows:


Hi everyone, this is Lee Minwoo’s management.

At 8.30pm on 24 December 2009, Lee Minwoo met with a traffic accident and is currently being hospitalized for treatment.
Under these circumstances, the concert performances scheduled for 16 and 17 January will be postponed.
We apologize for not being to keep our promise with everyone, but Lee Minwoo expects to carry on with the concert once he has recovered from his injuries.

Once again we apologize to everyone, and we will get in touch with everyone who has already purchased tickets, starting from 5 January.

Thank you.

Credits: Interpark Ticket + Absolut Shinhwa

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