Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[10.01.13] Shin Hyesung makes official debut in Japan; no plans for activities in Korea

Singer Shin Hyesung has kicked off his promotional activities in Japan after being fined for gambling in October last year. He will be releasing his first official Japanese album ‘Find Voice In Song’ and a compilation album ‘Shin Hyesung Collection 2010-My Everything’

Shin Hyesung has previously been active in Japan as part of Shinhwa but it’s his first time releasing a full album, which marks his official debut in Japan.

He has just participated in the portal opening event on 9th and 10th Jan where he appeared in front of fans after a long hiatus.

Shin Hyesung apparently has no plans for activities in Korea at the moment.

After being fined for gambling in October last year, Shin Hyesung had stopped all activities in Korea and overseas for self-reflection, but he has recently released a photo essay ‘The Melody Of Snow’ on 26 November last year. This has attracted some criticisms from netizens who questioned, “Wasn’t he supposed to be doing self-reflection for the past 3 months? Looks like he’s been preparing for his Japanese album during this time.”

According to Shin Hyesung’s management company, they explained that the photo essay had to go ahead with its release as there is a contract with the publisher and it was not possible for the publisher to reschedule the release date.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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