Saturday, June 06, 2009

[09.06.05] BIGENCHILADA to expand into overseas markets

Singer Junjin’s fashion label BIGENCHILADA has attracted attention as it quickened its pace to move into overseas markets.

BIGENCHILADA is a term to describe someone important, a “big shot”; and it’s a brand that combines practicality and trendy street styles, and possesses Junjin’s vitality and a sleek image.

A casualwear brand that is practical and trendy, what sets it apart from other stars’ brands and giving the brand its competitive edge are its astute fashion sense and just-in-time production system.,

Prior to being launched on 11th May in Korea, Junjin had previously showcased part of the collection during his concert in Shanghai in February this year. As a result, BIGENCHILADA had garnered considerable interest in the media. Right at the conceptualization phase, BIGENCHILADA had already been planned for entry into overseas markets such as China and Japan, and negotiations with overseas partners have achieved much progress.

Junjin has personally involved himself in the product planning process, and has showcased the collections not only in variety shows but also in his daily life. Currently promoting his new mini-album, Junjin has kicked off his Asia tour at the end of May, and BIGENCHILADA is expected to receive even more exposure.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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