Wednesday, June 03, 2009

[09.06.02] SuJu, SNSD rule over music scene for 2009 H1

Although these days album sales revenue account for only a small portion of the total amount of profits from recorded music, but to a certain extent album sales still represent the value of singers and are of substantial importance to them.

Then with the first half of the year coming to a close, who holds the highest record in the competitive music sales market? The following are the top 10 bestselling albums according to the Hanteo chart.

The bestselling act for the first half of 2009 is Super Junior, who sold approximately 100,000 copies of their 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’, which was released in March. According to their management agency, based on their estimates, the album has already broken the 200,000 mark with the inclusion of Version C of the album.

SNSD takes 2nd place with their mini-album ‘Gee’, selling approximately 70,000 copies. In 3rd place is Seo Taiji with the 2nd part of his 8th album ‘Seo Tai Ji 8th Atomos Part Secret’ with sales of 59,000 copies.

Shin Hyesung’s Side 2 of his 3rd album ‘Keep Leaves’ has sold 35,000 copies to date, placing him in 4th place, while Bobby Kim’s special edition album follows closely with 34,000 copies in 5th place. ‘Gift From SG Wannabe’, the 6th album from SG Wannabe has an impressive sales figure of 29,000 copies despite being released later than the others.

The first album from Jang Giha & The Faces has sold 29,000 copies, demonstrating their strength as an indie band. Davichi’s mini-album, featuring current hits like ‘8282′ and ‘Got Into Trouble’, takes the 8th spot with 28,000 copies.

In addition, Fly To The Sky’s 8th and final album ‘Decennium’ made it to 9th place with 27,000 copies while Jo Sung Mo’s 7th album ‘Second Half’ completes the top 10 with 23,000 copies.

Credits: Mydaily+Absolut Shinhwa

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